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Why is that Cockroach in my home!!

Cockroaches who have survived on earth for millions of years are one of the most widely known pests in modern times. Though there are many species of cockroaches, the 2 famous species are the German Cockroach and the American Cockroach. So, picture this, you are in your home you have just done a deep clean on your entire home and out of nowhere a large cockroach runs at your feet! The first thing that comes to mind is why is that cockroach in my home! There are many things to look at to determine what species of cockroach is in your home. A lot of times cockroaches are associated with filth and subpar living conditions but most of the time that is not the case. American Cockroaches who are the largest of the infesting roaches and are also commonly referred to as “Water Bugs” tend to thrive outdoors but will go inside of a home in search of food and water and tend to target kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms were damp conditions may exist. When the American Cockroach is outdoors, they tend to feed on small insects as well as leaves, wood particles, algae and fungi. One unique aspect of the American Cockroach is the fact that they have wings and can glide short distances depending on the height they start at! The second famous species of cockroach is the German Cockroach. Most commonly found inside of cracks, crevices and other dark sites which are warm and humid this species of cockroach thrives on starches, meat products, and grease as well as sweets. German Cockroaches are the most widely distributed pest and for good reason as their egg cycle is fast and abundant. They can reach a massive volume very quickly! There are different ways to determine which species of cockroach may be in your home, here are a few items to look at. Colorings on the German and American Cockroach are different with the American Cockroach being a reddish-brown color with yellowish markings on the back of their head. The German Cockroach on the other hand is a light to medium brown color with no distinctive markings. Another way to determine is size the American Cockroach can reach lengths of up to 2 inches! The German Cockroach is only about half an inch in size! The best way to prevent American Cockroaches from coming inside of a home is to stop and prevent all water leaks and keep overflow water away from the home. Storing firewood, a distance from your home will also help prevent them from coming inside of your home. German Cockroach prevention includes removing indoor trash and keeping the area clean, no food in sink strainers and try to keep food containers sealed as much as possible! If you are seeing Cockroach activity at your home a regular pest control service can prevent an infestation from getting out of hand. Akela Pest Control has many options to meet your pest control needs. Please give us a call today (951) 977-9651. Remember “Bug Us When the Bugs Bug You”





Akela is pleased to announce, we are now listed as one of the Top 3 Pest control companies in Riverside, CA. On Three Best Rated. Akela Pest Control has been commended for providing consistent high quality in our area of business. Three Best Rated’s review team approved or updated our business listing using their 50-Point Inspection which includes everything from checking reputation, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, nearness, trust, and overall general excellence.

View us at: https://threebestrated.com/pest-control-companies-in-riverside-ca


Akela continues to add new Service Pro’s and trucks! Pictured is Jean-Pierre (JP)
            Welcome JP thanks for joining our team!


Akela technicians and office out enjoying a wonderful seafood buffet 4/6/2017!


2016 Akela sales team out for a nice meal!

2016 Akela Sales Team Meal

Akela sales team cooling off at the beach!

Sales Beach A Low Rez

Akela service pro Lou Pena, out servicing a new commercial account.

Lou Commercial Job Low Rez

Akela is proud to announce it now has six route trucks out serving its clients daily.

Nissan Truck Post

Akela is proud to announce Ivan Castaneda was awarded the top technician service award for December 2015. Congratulations Ivan!
Ivan was awarded a $100 dollar Visa card, and 4 Regal Entertainment Cinema tickets.
Awards were also handed out to the 2nd and 3rd place technicians.

Ivan John Adam Dec Toned Crp

Akela is proud to announce Ivan Castaneda was awarded the top technician service award for October 2015. Congratulations Ivan!
Ivan will be receiving 2 adult tickets to Disneyland.

Ivan Top Tech Toned 110515

Akela is proud to announce Rickey Pegues was awarded the top technician service award for August. Congratulations Rick!

Top Tech Award

Congratulations Ian Plocher!
Ian joins Akela’s Summer Sales program experiencing great success right from the start. Ian “loves meeting new people”.
Welcome aboard Ian.

Ian Post Portrait


Congratulations Dustin Rainey!
Dustin joins Akela’s Summer Sales program with a big smile and high hopes for the Angels “Go Angels”.
Welcome aboard Dustin.

Dustin Post Portrait


Congratulations Spencer Brewer!
Spencer joins Akela’s Summer Sales program and has started with roar.
Welcome aboard Spencer.

Spencer Toned


Akela Field Tech – Good Samaritan
Lou Pena recently took quick action as a panicked mother realized her child had just been locked accidentally inside the car with the keys, on a hot day, during our recent heat spell. Lou assisted in calming the mother then reviewing all of their options, as the car AC had stopped running, proceeded to break open a window to free the child. Outside of having a frightening experience all were fine. Thanks Lou for your quick thinking in a time of need.


Nissan Truck Post

Akela is proud to announce the purchase of a new route truck and the hiring of a new Field Technician Ivan Castenida.
Welcome aboard Ivan! With Akela now serving over 900 accounts we are pleased to have you on the team!


Ivan Portrait



Did You Know!

Akela encourages you to shop Amazon by going through Amazon Smile. By logging into Amazon, through Amazon Smile, Amazon will donate 0.5% of a purchase price to the eligible charity of your choice. Then of course Akela encourages you to choose Disaster Relief Transport Inc. a non-profit that assists in the delivery of supplies when disaster strikes.

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Merry Christmas!

Akela wishes you a very merry Christmas and is happy to announce we will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas day to spend time with family and friends. We will be back open for normal business hours Thursday and Friday.





New Route Truck

Akela is happy to announce the addition of a new route truck. This addition brings expanded capability and business continuity.





Akela Gives Back, For the Good of Our Community, Our Company, & Our World

Akela is happy to announce that President Adam Stout has made a donation commitment to Disaster Relief Transport Inc. a non-profit that assists in the delivery of supplies when disaster strikes. You can assist as well when shopping at Amazon. Choose the following link below when you place and order and Amazon will send a donation to DRTransport or find out more at drtransport.org


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 Congratulations Art!
After only nine days on the job, Art Lupercio has four sales!










Akela is proud to announce the hiring of a new field technician Art Lupercio.
Art comes to us with 7 years of industry experience and a specialty with gopher control. Welcome aboard Art! We are glad you are on Akela’s team.







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What Happens To My Scheduled Service When It Rains?
Scheduled services cannot be completed in heavy rains. There are several reasons for this including diminished effectiveness of treatment and creating hazardous conditions for the environment. In the event of such rain Akela will notify you that your service has been canceled and reschedule for more optimal weather.




Management Goes To The Field:
President Adam Stout (left) and VP John Plocher (right) take to the streets to complete a service.


Helpful Hint From Akela:
After viewing our pest identification page jump over to Wikipedia.org for some great information on your specific pest. For example did you know that pavement ants have nuptial flights where drones fly high up in the air to mate. Such activity is at its highest in spring and summer.

From WikiPedia Pavement Ant  “During early spring, colonies attempt to conquer new areas and often attack nearby enemy colonies. These result in huge sidewalk battles, sometimes leaving thousands of ants dead. Because of their aggressive nature, they often invade and colonize seemingly impenetrable areas. In summer time the ants dig out the sand in between the pavements to vent the nests.”


Akela Announces:
Akela is proud to announce that Lou Pena received technician of the month for his exceptional customer service, extensive knowledge, and on time service record.

Lou Pena Receives Award From John Plocher

Lou Pena Receives Award From John Plocher