How to Avoid Bed Bugs and Protect Your Home
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At one point in time, bed bugs were nearly eliminated all throughout the United States. Their population dwindled to extremely low numbers. However, within the last 10 years, they have made a comeback and they are vengeful. Now they can be found across all 50 states. Scary right? Before we share what steps you can take to repel bed bugs, it’s important to know that these persistent psts are after any blood meal. Once they’ve found a host, they breed and multiply at lightning speeds. 
How Do I Spot Bed Bugs?
Being able to accurately identify what these blood suckers look like needs to be your first step. Bed bugs are typically flat, small in size, and oval-shaped. They have a reddish-brown coloring. They almost look like a seed of an apple. They also have six legs and antennae. If the bed bugs have begun to breed, the babies (known as nymphs) can be very difficult to miss. They are so tiny they resemble a pinhead. When investigating for bed bugs, keep an eye out for eggs as well. They are extremely small and white. They resemble grains of sugar.
Be Mindful When You are Traveling
When you’re setting foot on your next adventure, thoroughly inspect your hotel room or rental. Pull back the sheets of the bed and cheek the mattress and around the frame of it. It would be wise to also check the mattress pad
What Do Water Bugs Look Like? Most species of water bugs have flat bodies and a light to dark brown color. They have short antennae and a sharp beak. Their hind legs are strong and thick from swimming in their natural habitat; water. They also have wings that allow them to fly from one water source to another. They typically are found in wetlands and ponds, but you can also find them in calm streams. They have distinguished wings that make the shape of an “X” when folded across their flat body.  

Let’s talk about luggage. When you are at the airport, if possible, keep your carry-ons and other bags on your lap. When you’re at a hotel or rental, before you begin your inspection, keep your luggage in the bathroom or high above the ground. When you’ve finished your trip and have returned home, immediately throw all your clothes into the washing machine on the highest setting if possible. Then take a flashlight and check your luggage and all the compartments in them for any bed bugs. Typically speaking, bed bugs won’t attach themselves to the clothes you are wearing, but they will jump at any opportunity to hitch a ride to your home. 
Keep Your Home Safe
If you haven’t had any recent trips, there are still precautionary steps you can take to keep bed bugs away. Because they don’t have wings, bed bugs solely rely on humans or animals to carry them one place to another. These parasites can find their way into your home by buses, subways, and even hang out in workplaces and schools. Here are three easy ways you can lower the chances of bed bugs in your home:

1. Encase all mattresses and box springs with good quality bed covers. Try to use ones with zippers. 
2. Wash your sheets and bedding regularly in high temperatures. 
3. Thoroughly inspect every mattress in your home. This includes linens, box springs, and under the mattress pad. Also check any baby cribs within your home. 
4. If possible, avoid buying any second-hand furniture and bringing it into your home. This can include chairs, sofas, desks, even electronics! If you do decide to bring second-hand furniture into your home, make sure to thoroughly inspect and sanitize all surfaces and crevices. 
How Can I Tell If I’ve Been Bitten by a Bed Bug?
The symptoms of bed bug bites normally include red and swollen dark spots on the skin. Several bites may be arranged in line or clusters. These bites can also have any itching effect.In rare cases, some bites have caused fluid-filled blisters. Bed bugs will usually bite areas of the skin that are exposed while you sleep. 
There are several over-the-counter drugs you can use to diminish the symptoms of bed bug bites. You may also use some home remedies such as baking soda and water, camphor or chamomile essential oils, and an ice pack for swelling. 
Better Safe Than Sorry
You could be extremely cautious about keeping bed bugs away from your home, but sometimes they still find a way in. An effective and easy route to prevention begins with Akela pest control. Take the necessary steps to safeguard your home and family. 
When you do have an infestation of bed bugs, it’s incredibly important that you get rid of them as soon as possible. If you allow time to go on, they will continue to breed and the infestation will get worse. At Akela, our professionally-trained technicians will exterminate the bed bugs as quickly as possible. We care about your well-being and hope to bring you peace of mind that you can sleep soundly during the night.