Recent Testimonials Promoting Akela Service

I was completely happy with the service that Mike gave! He explained everything he was going to do and let me know what you offer! I will be letting people know about Akela!
Leslie Diane
May 16th, 2019
5 Star Google Review

Have always had a good experience with Akela. My pest problems are taken care of and that makes me happy.
Tammy Gonzalez
May 10th, 2019
5 Satr Google Review

They were very thorough and came back to make sure everything was all right.
Susan Wassilchalk
May 9th, 2019
5 Star Google Review

A spirit of excellence comes to mind when I think of Akela Pest Control. Matt Brown exemplifies that without comparison. He has a friendly but yet respectful demeanor and is very thorough, making sure all areas that need treatment gets treated. Akela has been treating my property for more than a year now and I have not seen any bugs after signing up with them. Strongly recommend them.
Eva Fagerberg
April 30th, 2019
5 Star Google Review

No pest problems at all since starting Akela Pest Control last summer. And everyone is very professional and friendly.
Marcia Stewart
April 26th, 2019
5 Star Google Review

Very reliable service and great communication!
Cordell McDonald
April 24th, 2019
5 Star Google

When I first sign up with Akela I had a cricket infestation. The cricket are gone and other pest. They do an outstanding job, the techs ask if we have any concers and address it. If there is a problem after the service they will come back out and take care of it at no charge. Akela has great service and I highly recommend them.
Dave B.
April 16th, 2019
5 Star Yelp

These guys do a really great job. This is my second time choosing them for service. The last time was about 3 years ago. They are very polite and professional. Adam is great and tries to make you happy. That is what customer service is about! We had Scott here to do the job and he was outstanding! I like the way they get all the spider webs down at every corner of exterior of house and garage including interior of garage. Under trees and bushes too. The lady answering phone is also very nice and professional.
They treat your requests as important. Definitely recommended.
Denise W
April 17th, 2019
5 Star Yelp

I like them, I switched from another pest company because we kept getting water bugs, I haven’t seen any water bugs so I guess it’s working.
Megan Lopez
April 21, 2019
Google Review

Zero problems with pest since I started service about a year ago. Super friendly service. Very Prompt
Chuck Westfahl
April 19th, 2019
5 Star Google Review

Very polite and professional. Good communication. Only complaint is that they could do a better job scheduling getting inside our house since we have dogs. They have sprayed just the exterior a couple times as a result, despite our contract covering inside and outside.
Ken Person
April 19th, 2019
Google Review

Matt Brown did our service today he’s an asset to your company. He came to the door with a smile and asked if we had any concerns and reassured us if any problems they would come out and retreat if necessary. Thank you for a job well done.
Dianna Mendoza
April 16th, 2019

When I bought my first home a few months ago I noticed an abundance of crickets and black widows which were much more obvious in a completely empty home. My brother-in-law and sister recommended Akela and it was the best thing I could’ve done. Prior to even moving my first box, I had Akela come over and spray the inside and outside of the home, including a very large fire ant hill in my front lawn! I have two pets that I wanted to keep safe from any critters as well which gave me peace of mind knowing the application would not harm my pets and keep the creepy crawlies away. They are scheduled to come every couple months and communicate when they are coming. Usually I’m at work and they let me know they’ve stopped by. It’s nice to not have to think about it…it’s taken care of when it needs to be even if I’m not home. I haven’t had the need yet, but it’s also nice to know that they will come between applications free of charge if I notice any increase in bug activity. If you hate being bugged by bugs, like I do, this will be such a worthwhile investment.
Laura Griffith
April 15th, 2019
5 Star Google Review

We’ve been with Akela for several years. I have had several guys come and do the service and have always been satisfied. Last year Matt Brown came to do the service and now I will ask for him. He is friendly, efficient, personable, informative and always goes above and beyond to make things right. Thank you for a job well done.
Bonnie Carrillo
April 13th, 2019

Always on time, always got a call the day before.  Very accommodating to my schedule, so I could be home for the garage and backyard spray.  No spiders, or creepy crawlers while Akela was 0n the job! Staff also friendly and you felt comfortable with them at your home!   I support all mom and pop business, because the service is usually heads above the rest.
Wendy C.
April 7th, 2019
5 Star Yelp Review

We had our home serviced by Akela Pest Control Inc.
The service was extremely good and up to our expectation. 
In fact, the service was more and above the professional server.
We are very well pleased with the Rep Matt Brown who provided the services.
Dominic Charles
April 11, 2019

We were fortunate to have Matt Brown show up to do one of our services and have been requesting him ever since. Every time he comes, he is accommodating, very friendly and personable, very knowledgeable, thorough, and he remembers our requests for service to particular areas. We have been very satisfied with his service and the service we receive from Akela Pest Control. Thank you, Akela!
Elysa Valentino
April 2nd, 2019

We have had Akela for several years. They have always been on time and thorough. They will return if there is any concerns at all.
March 11th, 2019
Arthur O.
Yelp 5 Star Review

Consistently excellent customer service, from the office personnel when setting up appointments to the service staff that comes to our home.   Service has been effective against our main culprits — ants and spiders — for the year and a half that we’ve been customers.
March 11th, 2019
Yelp 5 Star Review

Akela was always on time and showed up on days scheduled. They were good about notifying when they were going to enter your property either through email or text. I was very happy with their service.
March 13, 2019
Isela Vega
Google 5 Star Review

We have been using Akela for a few years now. Ross is our technician and is always professional, on time and ready to work. Will be recommending to our other locations!
March 13, 2019
Glenda Padwa
Google 5 Star Review

Extremely professional and always on time, any issue we have had on property has usually been taken care of in just one visit. They are extremely attentive and dedicated to providing exceptional service. Highly recommend.
March 6th, 2019
Brenda Diaz

No bug issues, they say they will come out for free in between visits if there ever is an issue, been about two years and haven’t needed that. Friendly staff.
March 5th, 2019
Burt W.

Always on time and efficient. Worked with us to solve various pest issues in different ways.
March 5th, 2019
Danielle J.

I have been using this company for years. They are efficient and professional. They always work with my schedule and service my home when I need them. I would recommend to anyone.
February 28th, 2019
Kelly Moore

I have been using this pest control company for 2 years now. They are prompt and very reliable. My bugs are gone, gone, gone! Love it! The technician’s they send out to the home are extremely nice and professional thru the entire process. I love supporting local businesses. I highly recommend Akela for any pest control needs you may have.
February 28th, 2019
Joni C.

Akela pest control is amazing! They call when your service is due, so we never forget. Since using them we have had no issues with ants, bugs, spiders or rodents. If we do happen to see anything or are concerned, we call and they are right there to address the problem. Never an additional charge. All technicians and employees are courteous and friendly. Always on time for their appointment.
February 26th, 2019
Cammy Cruz


Akela Pest Control has done an outstanding job for me. When specific problems come up they respond quickly and efficiently. They came out for mice and caught them during their visit. Problem over. I love my service.
February 23rd, 2019
Olivia Balderrama


February 21st, 2019
Fonzie Hernandez


Great customer service! Excellent pest control!
February 19th, 2019


I have been using Akela for a while now and they have definitely cut down on all the “creepy crawlers”. They will work with you on special problems and are always good at communication and reliability. Nice people to work with.
February 16th, 2019
Sharon Sykora


Really NEVER have had any problems or a bad experience from them, their techs are courteous as heck!!
February 14th, 2019
LDrake Radcliffe


They have been doing an excellent job for years from Adam, Ivan, and then today Duncan did a thorough job. Thanks!
February 12, 2019
Germain L.


They always let us know when they will be there at least 24 hours in advance. On the very rare occasion when the ants overwhelm a monthly treatment they come back quickly and take care it. Having watched them during their service call I also feel they do not go overboard with the pesticide, something that I feel is very important.
February 12, 2019
Randall Pearson


We have had great service and customer support !!! We have just had our quarterly service done, Ivan was ????!
February 11, 2019
Janine Isaac


I have been using them for 4 years. I have little ones and we moved in and the summer came and a massive ant invasion, along with a few spiders here and there. Referred by a friend and have no issues of any or bugs since we signed up. Occasionally the dog may bring a spider or bug, but we would just call and have a service performed again and it was handled. They’re always on time and work with my busy schedule. They clean rafters of cob webs and hornets’ nests and treat the lawn as well. Outstanding company and excellent price for the work they perform.
February 8, 2019
Sean Pennala


Our house was serviced today by Scott. He did an outstanding job on our house and garage. The next time we are scheduled for service please send Scott
February 1, 2019
Richard R.


Duncan is very nice and did a great job! I’m very pleased with the service and I’d recommend.
January 30th, 2019
Amy W.


Matt helped carry cases of water into my home as I am suffering with a bad back. Not only did he do an excellent job around the home he provided an additional good deed! Please let management know.
January 30th, 2019
Mark T.


Scott did an amazing job, he went above and beyond my expectations and was an all-around great guy!
January 23, 2019
Roy & Melissa K.

Brian is always nice and professional. If I have any questions he always goes out of his way to answer it promptly.
December 26th
Kay Koehn

This company is on it! They answer the phone right away and communicate very well. I love their text message system they use to let me know when my service will be here. They are on time and very friendly. I highly recommend.
December 18th, 2018
Dan G.

We had a problem with huge red ants all over the back yard, and also smaller black ants everywhere! After we hired AKELA, no ants at all. they have disappeared since the very first treatment. Also, the roaches in the garage are gone. Happiness is NO BUGS! thanks Akela!
December 17th, 2018
Monica Lanshaw

Akela does a great job of keeping the pests in control and also being flexible with their appointment times. Pretty happy!
November 27th, 2018
Google 5 Star Review
Juan Martinez

They have always done a very thorough job and when I saw pests, they were right on it! I have little kiddos and I appreciate their job well done so I don’t have to worry about my kid getting bit by anything.
November 21st, 2018
Katy R.

Referring to service pro Duncan, He’s a great kid, we are so happy to have him as our service man, Thank you.
November 21st, 2018
Kennith O.

Our technician was Scott. He took time and really seemed to take pride in his work. We were very pleased with the job he performed. He was also friendly and asked if we had any special issues he needed to address. Than you Scott and Akela!
November 4th, 2018
Lois P.

Scott serviced my property yesterday and I am amazed with the work he did! He moved all of my patio furniture to de-web. He went above and beyond, and I am very pleased with his work.
November 2nd, 2018
Gloria A.

 My second service so far, and it’s been a positive experience. I switched from a well known service, to Akela. Akela was able to beat my previous rate, and offer a way better deal. The gentleman that came out and initiated the service was polite, helpful, and not pushy whatsoever. He was able to email me everything so that I could have that for my records. He was able to send someone out to me within a few days. Once the technician came out, he introduced himself, very nice, he explained the process, he was thorough, and answered all my questions. They even treated my grass for fleas, that was new. This morning they came out and followed up on notes from the previous visit, that was impressive. I didn’t have to instruct them on anything, they already knew what to do. So far, I’m very impressed with this company. I highly recommend them.
October 22, 2018
Edith Boyington

Duncan was a great tech to have out for the service. He explained everything very well, walked through the service steps and generally represented the company in a great way.
October 25th, 2018
Glenn A.

I am very pleased with the service that Ross the technician has been doing at my home. Do not change him.
October 19th, 2018

The Technician did a very good job treating my residence last week. Thanks for doing an awesome job 🙂 I would definitely recommend.
October 15th, 2018
Gloria, Ron

Great service and technicians. We have called a couple of times between services because we have found some spiders, and they are always ready to help and to service us, and they did without charge. Recommended!
October 14th, 2018
Maria Regina De Abreu Ferreira

The staff is always friendly and easy to talk to. The technicians who come to your house are friendly and always take the extra time to make sure all your areas area treated. If you notice any bugs in between services they come out and take care of it.
October 13th, 2018
Ken Cousens

We have an ongoing service agreement with Akela. They have been great to work with and they keep our home bug-free. On a couple of occasions, we asked them to come out for a special service between regular visits and they have done so promptly and with no additional charge. Great service.
October 9th, 2018
Gary Lockwood

Our tech Scott Palmer did an excellent job! Couldn’t be more pleased with his service! Thank you!!
October 6th, 2018
Cheryl Downey

3 years experience with excellent service and pleasant knowledgeable Technicians. Highly recommend them!
October 2nd, 2018
Janet Helm

I can’t say enough what it means to have a friendly caring voice on the phone ..Winter was this for me today..I called in with a question and she took care of it after listening to me she even, when posed with something she was unsure about, asked if she could put me on a brief hold while she asked a manager..she got back quickly with an answer and was very kind and helpful in her responses..she made my day and is just another feather in Akelas cap of what I want in a service company..Thank you Winter Deborah M
September 29th, 2018
Deborah Murphy

Courteous and friendly technician made sure to let me know he was at my home, so I could put my dogs in. I am so happy I referred a neighbor!
September 29th, 2018
Caron Ginier

We switched to Akela and had our first service call within days. When our technician Ross came over, he was friendly, helpful and thorough. We are happy with our change.
Jennifer Massey
September 25th, 2018

We’ve had a couple of pest services before this and was never super satisfied! I started a service with Akela because I was at my parents and from the inside I was watching Mike service the backyard. I was so impressed that I called the next day. Mike is amazingly thorough, and I couldn’t be more pleased. I highly recommended Mike with Akela Pest Control.
Alyia Christenson
September 22nd, 2018

Duncan was awesome! He saw my son’s picture on the wall that he went to High School with. Great small world morning
Laurie Q.
September 18th, 2018

Akela Pest Control has great employees, we have been pleased with all of those we have been in contact with, here in our home and on the phone. Best of all, it works! Completely ant free now! They come regularly and just spray the lawn and outside, works perfectly for us. It dries quickly and is then pet friendly, so no concerns there.
Linda White
September 13th, 2018

I am very pleased with the customer service. I really liked the tech that was sent out this last time, Thomas because he was on time, he came to the door to ring the doorbell and chatted with me for a while before he got to work. He was very friendly/respectful and did everything that was asked of him.
Ada Delao
September 10th, 2018

Duncan was here today & did a great job. Listened to our concerns & took care of it.
Chuck A.
August 29th, 2018

Just wanted to mention, that the service is fantastic, and the technicians are very knowledgeable.
Bruce L.
August 28th, 2018

Matt came today, he did an excellent job! He was very clean, witty, and overall the best tech we have ever had since starting with Akela!
Mike & Marilynn
August 24th, 2018

Ross was our Technician and was amazing very knowledgeable and polite!! Went over everything with me prior to starting!! I will definitely use him again. Very impressed with the company
Candy S.
August 22nd, 2018

Just recently signed up with Akela and so far we have had a great experience. We certainly have less insects and have been very pleased with the service. We have never used a pest control company on a regular basis but I am glad we signed up with Akela
Natalie M.
Autust 21st, 2018

Thank you, Ross, for coming out and Spraying and knocking down my webs. Thank you again, GOOD JOB
Dina Amador
August 13th, 2018

Brian just finished up with another excellent job. He still came by late on a Friday to have us ready for the weekend. Thank you, Akela for great service!
James Figueroa
August 10th, 2018

I was contacted by a salesperson at home. I took his card and called him after I did some research on the company. I was very pleased to see the positive reviews and read about the employee programs offered. I like a company who treats their employees like assets. The first visit was completely thorough, and the technician friendly and comfortable.
Leida Thomas
August 3, 2018

I would like to request Matt only from now on as my service pro. He listened to everything I said, and took note of everything. I felt I was listened to and he was extremely respectful.
Pamela M.
August 2, 2018

I am very impressed with Matt, he always gets the job done, he is very thorough, and respectful.
Deborah M.
August 2, 2018

Very happy with Ross, he did an amazing job. I was about to cancel service but thanks to him I am keeping the service!
Brett J.
August 2, 2018

Akela Pest always does a great job for us. They have good prices and friendly employees.
Sean C.
August 2, 2018

The service pro Ivan did an amazing job!
John Z.
July 30, 2018

The service provided was excellent! The service pro who did the job was excellent and we may rate his job as a 10+
Bashkim A.
July 28, 2018

The service pro Duncan who came out today, did a great job!
John U.
July 27, 2018

Brian and Akela are doing an amazing job! I love this service!
Jose G.
July 27, 2018

Very friendly employees! The salesman thoroughly explained the product, procedure, and prices. We recently moved into our house, and there were numerous and various types of bugs inside and outside of the house. They arrived on time and did a great job. We have seen a huge decrease in the amount of bugs roaming around our property. Very pleased with Akela Pest Control!
Barbara T.
July 21, 2018

I have been using Akela for years. They always do a great job. I had a hummingbird nest in my backyard and I asked them to be careful not to spray it. They left me a cute note after their service letting me know they saw it and were careful around it.
Katurra F.
July 20, 2018

I love this service! Works great and I don’t have to leave the house for hours with my children like I had to do with other pest control companies.
Michelle I.
July 19, 2018

I just wanted to let you know that Ivan did an awesome job!!! Very thorough!!!
Julie T.
July 12, 2018

I was very pleased with Ivan, I would like him as my permanent technician. I would think about something to tell him to treat and bam he would already be on it!
Phyllis L.
July 10, 2018

FIVE STARS, great service, Ross Rowley was great and very kind! Highly recommend him!
Ana A.
July 9, 2018

This is a great company, in the past, I had two others but none like Akela. They have great customer service and the technician Brian is awesome. The owner Adam is very professional and helpful gave me a Great deal. Would highly recommend them.
Mayra M.
July 8, 2018

Hi, I called in to praise Mike. How amazing he is! He was awesome, and I had a great experience. Make sure you hold on to him as he is a great person!
Jeremiah M.
July 3, 2018

Mr. Michael Petler is very knowledgeable and explained about the treatments.  He and his assistant were very nice. I haven’t seen any suspicious activities on the ground yet.
Thank you so much for your service.
June 28, 2018 

Scott did the BEST job I have ever received. Can he be the only technician to service my property from now on? I had been disappointed with how little time the techs had been spending, I felt like they did not do all they could. However, I was astounded with Scott’s work and I am very happy with my service on Friday.
Jo Ann O.
June 26, 2018

I was very happy with my service on Friday. He actually got rid of spider webs. If I wouldn’t have been home I would have noticed he was there. He is an excellent employee. Please send him every time.
Carylon C.
June 25, 2018

Mike at Akela Pest Control is very knowledgeable and helpful. He comes when he says he will and does a great job. He is the main reason I use Akela Pest Control. They do a great job.
Gary D.
June 4th, 2018

Matt Brown arrived for service at our home. Thank you, Matt, appreciate the great job!
Rich R.
June 1, 2018

First and foremost a Five Star for Mike from Akela Pest Control, thank you for your recent pest control service on our home. Mike was very patient waiting till I got home to my residence then completed the pest control service making sure everything was covered.
Ben L.
May 25, 2018

Brian was amazing today. I have hired 1000’s of TM in my life and I’d love to have Brian! Helped me out today!
Darren B,
May 22, 2018

We were very pleased with our service, the technician, Scott Palmer was very professional and courteous.
Debbie S.
May 18, 2018

Above and beyond basic service. Matt Brown our technician did a fantastic job and found some gophers too!
Derek C.
May 9, 2018

Great job, done with pride by service rep!
Bruce L.
May 8, 2018

Matt Brown is as always very courteous he does his job in a very professional way, he cares and always asks questions in regard to our satisfaction with the fumigation. Great disposition.
Robert C.
May 7, 2018

Adam and the rest of the Akela tram are fabulous! They are professional and easy to work with. Very professional and thorough. Adam just recently helped us evict a possum from our attic and closed up the holes so they or anything else can’t get in there again. Well done!
May 6, 2018

The technician Scott did a terrific job on our service. This is a really good company to deal with.
Ken C.
May 5, 2018

Matt Brown did an excellent job, we are very happy with his service!
Madhu H.
May 5, 2018

The service technician Ivan and Cody did a fantastic job! Identified that I had spiders and made sure to take care of them!! Very nice and professional!
Cynthia F.
May 3, 2018

These Guys Are Great From The Office To The Field Let me Just Say We Use To Have A Bug Problem!!
Dana B.
May 1, 2018

Brian, the tech who came out yesterday, was super nice and friendly. He had the cutest personality.
Susan V.
April 20, 2018

I have always had good experiences with Akela. They respond quickly to special request i.e. ants etc.I highly recommend them
Wayne H.
April 16, 2018

We have always had great service. I had requested I always be notified before at least a day before they are coming and they always do. We have always gotten prompt responses to any questions.
Ellen S.
April 10, 2018

Great service and great price! With our neighbors having fruit trees and us having a pool, it was the perfect spot for rats. Yes, RATS!! Big rats too!…
Liz G.
April 9, 2018

Matt was awesome today.
Cindy B.
April 6, 2018

Adrienne calls in… I want to compliment your technician Mike he did a wonderful job!
Adrienne M.
Mar 27, 2018

Deborah T. calls in… I have been a client since 2015, and want to let you know how well Jean-Pierre has done recently removing spider activity!
Mar 23, 2018

Top-notch technical team from the top-down, guys with over 25 years in the service industry through guys with just over a year in the field eager to learn the trade as it should be done. Tight nit team with ASAP communication between the customers, the field team, and the office. Ethical moral management that’s enthusiastic and supportive trying to make employees better off.
Scott Palmer,
Feb 20th, 2018

Technician always courteous and thorough. No complaints
Lynn Denson,
Feb 2nd, 2018

The Akela guy (I forgot to get his name) arrived first thing this morning (Jan. 12, 2018) and did a good job de-cobwebbing and spraying the exterior and interior of my house and garage. He was very professional, thorough, and polite.
Cary Cotterman,
Jan 12th, 2018

I am so pleased with Akela Pest Control Services! Mike P. did a fantastic job! He was friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, and extremely thorough. I was with another company for over 17 years but switched to Akela and I couldn’t be happier. It’s truly the best pest control services I’ve ever had…, no more bugs or critters! Way to go Mike!!
Jenni M.
Nov 11th 2017

It was great, Mike was very nice and polite. It was very quick in and out. It went a lot smoother and faster than I had expected. Would recommend this company to anyone. Would like to keep Mike is my bug guy if that’s possible.
Alfonz Wagner,
Nov 11th, 2017

I am completely satisfied with the service I have experienced with Akela Pest Control service. Their customer service reps and their technicians are very professional and aim to please. I Will recommend them to friends and neighbors.
Dave Boucher,
Oct 10th, 2017

I am very happy with their service they have been out to my home twice already and I have seen a significant difference. Thank you Akela Pest Control
Sep 18th, 2017

I recommend this company! The owner was very accommodating to our needs. Mike comes to service our house and is very professional. Our ant problem disappeared in one day. Very happy customer ????
Maggie K,
Sep 16th, 2017

Great customer service!
David M,
Sep 16th, 2017

I been having Ross service my house can’t say enough about him a great technician he know how to get rid of all my problems super friendly and a great asset to this company.
Feb 3rd, 2017

We had another company come in that my landlord paid for they didn’t take care of anything I needed done….. the min I set up service they sent Ross out and he took care of everything I needed done… I’m super grateful.
Jan 31st, 2017

Brian M. has provided great service and is one of the reasons we have remained with Akela. Whenever we have had any concerns, he has addressed it promptly and with honestly. No complaints and far cheaper than the competitors with the same outcome.
Jan 29th, 2017

Dave was very thorough in knocking down spider webs he found around our house and spraying. When he finished, he explained that a sego palm on one corner of our home that had branches rubbing against the house was a possible source of future problems with insects in and around our home. I was glad to have his input and will take care of this soon.
Jan 4th, 2017

Dave, our technician, was very thorough. He took the time to check every area of our yard and to go back to areas that needed extra attention. He explained everything he did. The service from Akela has been great!
Jan 3st, 2017

I am very satisfied with Akela’s service. Dave, the technician was very courteous and explained all he did in detail. We have not seen any bugs in or out of the house. We had bugs killing our hibiscus plants, but Akela was able to eliminate them. I would totally recommend Akela Pest Control.
Dec 30th, 2016

The owners are extremely nice and knowledgeable. Their chemicals that they use are amazing and do not smell. They are not very toxic, but seem to kill the bugs. Since I have grand babies and pets, that works for me.
Dec 23rd, 2016

Service in a timely manner and thorough, haven’t noticed any resurgence of spiders ???? or or crickets. Thank you By the way, Merry Christmas
Dec 23rd, 2016

This was my first experience with Akela Pest, as my husband and I are just moving into a home in Riverside. Janet (in the office) took my initial call and was very helpful. She quickly put me in touch with Ivan, who worked our house into his (obviously busy!) schedule. Ivan arrived on time to do the service at our house. He was efficient, very polite, and patient. Overall, I am so far very pleased with Akela Pest Control. I like the fact that they are a locally owned business, too.
Dec 20th, 2016

Quick and efficient service… Keeps the wife and girls comfortable and pest free…
Dec 19th, 2016

I am very satisfied with my service from Akela. The technician was very thorough and explained in detail all that was done to my property. I have a large dog and one thing I appreciate the most is that all their products are pet and human friendly. Thank you, Dave, for the great service!
Dec 17th, 2016

Love this family business.  We have found the owner and employees extremely kind, courteous, and concerned about our concerns.  The price for the quarterly service is very good.  Highly recommend this company – much better than the bigger companies out there and more personal.
Dec 15th, 2016

The best pest service we’ve ever had! Timely & efficient. Dave came to our rescue the same day I called. He was friendly & helpful. We appreciate the courtesy on the phone from Cheryl. Also big kudos to John – he worked so hard fixing an opening in our attic. Ross was our first service person and he was delightful as well. So happy with your company! Thank you all. Mary & Dennis Carlson
Dec 9th, 2016

Great service! Polite and friendly and always on time.
Dec 11th, 2016

Great service and very friendly they are always very prompt. Every time they come out to my business they inform me what they are going to do and what they do see while they are spraying.  They understand I have a preschool/daycare and they use safe products for my kids and dogs. Chris Smith, A Place to Grow Learning Center
Dec 2nd, 2016

I have used two other pest control companies and Akela is best by far.  They stand behind their service guarantee as demonstrated when I had a issue with scorpions.  The first treatment did not rid us of the pests but Akela sent a second technician out immediately to resolve the problem!
Nov 28th, 2016

Awesome customer service & have not had any bug problems since starting with this company!
Nov 16th, 2016

David Gerrish is reliable and honest. He does good work
Nov 14th, 2016

We are very satisfied with the Akela Pest Control service.  Yesterday, Ross R. did an excellent job on our regularly scheduled service call at our home.  He was prompt, courteous, knowledgeable and explained the process.  Thank you Ross for a job well done!
Nov 9th, 2016

Akela Pest Control has been going a good job of keeping the ants, crickets and other household and yard pests under control at our home.
Oct 23rd, 2016

After trying other pest companies, I found Akela to be more reasonably priced. They have done an excellent job at my home. I started to get mice and they totally eliminated them from inside my house. I panicked when my daughter brought home a kitchen appliance and it brought German cockroaches into my house. It’s been ages since I’ve seen any kind of bug in my house thanks to Akela. I don’t have a single complaint.
On Yelp
Nov 7th, 2016

I’m leaving a 5 star review for Brian McMackin, who graciously accommodated us into his busy schedule on a weekend. He did a very thorough job and even taught my mom how to use the gopher bait applicator that she recently purchased. Brian has a great attitude and I’m very happy with the service.
Oct 29th, 2016

Excellent service. On time, great customer service and extremely knowledgeable. They really know how to get rid of the problem. Highly recommended!
Oct 29th, 2016

Akela Pest Control technician John Urias just departed after completing an initial treatment of my residence. What a great job he did. Mr. Urias is a perfect example of a professional. He was thorough, informative, knowledgeable, and worked with pride to ensure he did an effective job. Akela Pest Control should be proud to have a person like Mr. Urias represent their organization. I would recommend this organization to anyone needing pest control services. I look forward to maintaining a working relationship with Akela Pest Control.
Oct 25th, 2016

Akela techs have been great. We have had two different techs and both were very good, especially Ivan who is our primary tech. In late spring we had a gopher problem. Made a call to Akela and Ivan came out very promptly and treated our front yard. With one treatment, no more gopher problem. Fantastic!!
Oct 19th,  2016

Great service at a very reasonable cost. The technician is very polite and does an excellent job of servicing our yard. We have a large lot with loads of fruit trees and plants. Akela did a superior job of spraying and it never affected the citrus and plants or our 2 dogs and 3 cats. Their products are pet safe. No more Japanese beetles, no ant issues or cockroaches. All is well in the valley.
Oct 19th, 2016

Service calls are always on time.  The tech always calls the day before my service call and has been very good about rescheduling when I needed too.  They do a good job of removing spider webs and beginning mud wasp nest on the outside of the house.
Oct 19th, 2016

Dear Akela Pest Control Service, We really enjoyed IVAN who did our pest control service spraying. He is a great representative for your company–personable and professional. We want him to do your service each time!
Many thanks.
Oct 12th, 2016

Very good service experience today with Brian McMackin! He did an excellent job very through I prefer to have Brian for all visits… Very professional employee and company I would recommend them to anyone! 🙂
Oct 12th, 2016

Professional and always on time! My technician always finds ways to accommodate my schedule and is very efficient in his work. I highly recommend them to my friends and family.
Oct 7th, 2016

Dustin came by and signed us up for a Akela Pest Control and Dave came by today and did a thorough job of treating my snails ants and aphids around my trees.
Sep 30th, 2016

Just added Akela Pest Control about 2 months ago and haven’t seen any ants or other insects since. We used to see ants and insects daily. We had to pick up after ourselves, including rinsing/washing dishes every night, in order to avoid waking up to a swarm of ants. Thanks Akela.
Aug 13th, 2016

John did and outstanding job. Was very friendly and professional. Listened to what I said and followed through with the treatments necessary. I have pets and children here and he was very careful to explain the safety issues necessary. Thanks for a great service.
Aug 12th, 2016

A job well done. Ross, your Service Pro, arrived right on time. He completed the job quickly and efficiently. The questions I had he answered succinctly and professionally. I am very satisfied.
Aug 11th, 2016

Joseph S. is great! He is always very thorough and does a great job. He calls ahead to let me know he’s on his way and gets the job done in a timely manner. I noticed a huge decrease in the amount of bugs and webs since the first service was done. I was a bit unsure of spending the money at this time, but now have no regrets.
Aug 8th, 2016

Akela has great service. Appointment times are 2 hour window and always kept on time. I use this for my home inside and out. I have 2 dogs and a rabbit and their service has kept my dogs free of ticks and fleas and does no harm to them or our rabbit, who lives indoor and out.
If I see activity after a service I can call for reservoir but I haven’t had to! Good prices too!
Aug 24, 2016

We signed up with Akela after their extremely friendly and personable salesman Alec visited us. We have been looking for a pest control service, but were tired of the “run around” from the “Big” companies. We are extremely pleased with Akela as their work is fast and efficient and their technicians are friendly and helpful. They even check with us to see if they can do anything else before they leave!! We highly recommend Akela to anyone who is looking for a pest control service!
Aug 17, 2016

I decided to switch to Akela due to their attention to detail and being thorough with explaining all that their service will provide. Then Dave, who was the service provider, not only did a great job of reviewing with me all of the areas of concern around my property, but took the time to do all of the requested work in a complete manner that was far greater than what my previous service provided. I am very happy with the service and I am glad I made the switch!
June 26th, 2016

Professional service.
June 24th, 2016

Dave Gerrish came out on 6-22-16 and treated the areas I had issues with inside and outside. He was courteous, and friendly. I am a happy customer.
June 24th, 2016

Lou Pena was very informative. Answered all my questions. Did a good job.
June 22nd, 2016

Our technician David Gerrish was very nice and helpful. Products work as I do not have spiders or other pest problems. If I do see any I am thankful I can call Akela and they will come out any time needed in-between quarterly services with no extra charge.
June 22nd, 2016

Dave showed up on time explained everything to me and did a very professional job, thank you.
June 22nd, 2016

Dave, was very professional, as well as very approachable. He got the job done at a steady pace and asked us about our concerns. I would definitely recommend him again.
June 22nd, 2016

Great customer service! Dave was very thorough and efficient. Very polite and explained process very well!
June 21st, 2016

Dave Gerrish was very friendly and thorough in my dealing with him before spraying our property. Yards and patio seem to be pest free, children have not complained about spiders in their play area. He sprayed approx. 3 weeks ago, give or take.
June 18th, 2016

Dave was on time and courteous. He explained everything he was doing.
June 18th, 2016

Had the pleasure of meeting Dave Gerrish today for my initial service appt.
He was very nice and extremely informative about what he was going to do.
I appreciate the great customer service.
June 17th, 2016

I just had my first service by Dave Gerrish his service was excellent and very thorough very knowledge on the product and letting me know everything that he would be doing very polite and very business and family oriented , I’d love for him to service my property all times.
June 17th, 2016

Ivan is doing a terrific job thank you !!
June 17th, 2016

We are a first time customer and our Akela Sales representative, Andrew, was very friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and informative. Our first application was done by Dave Gerrish, he arrived timely, very professional, in a uniform, he was helpful on explaining everything he was doing and he didn’t waste any time to get the job done. We look forward to doing business with Akela and we’ll recommend them to our friends too.
June 17th, 2016

Your man, Dave was fast and efficient. He is also very pleasant.
June 17th, 2016

The service was great your tech Jaime was prompt and very friendly and answered every question I asked. Also my dog liked her.
June 15th, 2016

We just started our service with Akela and from day one we received great customer service. When we called to obtain services they were very friendly and explained their services in detail. The technician came on the promised scheduled day and was very courteous and explained what he was doing. Ivan was a very good representative of the company.
Thanks Akela,
June 15th, 2016

So far I am very happy with your service. Jamie came by on time Saturday and did a great job.
June 15th, 2016

Explained everything she did from start to finish. Very good. As far as I’m concerned the job was done well.
June 14, 2016

Great service. The staff was very friendly. Very informative.
June 13, 2016

I am happy with the service and Ivan C. was a very nice guy. He did his job efficiently.
June 13, 2016

Dave did an excellent job and very pleased. Will highly recommend Akela.
June 13, 2016

Tried you today for the first time “Jamie” came out and she was friendly! and she did a great job! sprayed the yard around the grass and in my garage! Hope she will be coming back!!!
June 13, 2016

Technician Dave was prompt and polite answered all the questions we asked GOOD JOB Dave.
Neal & Stephanie
June 11th, 2016

The service was great and the tech was friendly. Thank you for great service.
June 11th, 2016

Shout out to Dave Garrish! He did a great job treating our home for pests. Efficient, knowledgeable, very friendly. Fantastic customer service!
June 10th, 2016

David treated our home yesterday. He was very professional and courteous. He worked efficiently and was quickly done with the entire job. We are very pleased with the work that he performed.
June 10th, 2016

I had Jamie Diano come out to do my first serves she was very sweet and knowledgeable of her job answered all my questions . I did have to call back cause my ants still didn’t go away the company was very quick to call back and sent someone back out at no charge to me . David Gerrish came back out and re-sparyed the inside and outside of our house all set up some bait traps in the kitchen where the most trouble is. So far, to be honest the ants are still here but its only been 2 days so I will give it a few more days then call back again if need be.
June 9th, 2016

Just had our house done by your tech Jamie Diano…she is very through and very knowledgeable about your product. We enjoyed talking with her and we know that all our problems will be taken care of.
June 9th, 2016

OMG…. the gentleman that came to my home was seriously awesome. He explained everything in detail and was very polite. Most defilemently want him to come back and service my home again.
June 8th, 2016

Showed up promptly and were courteous and professional
Cleaned wasp nests we didn’t even know we had.
June 8th, 2016

First time customer. Happy with everything. Dave, the tech, was on time, explained everything and then completed the service. Liked that Dave was in uniform and in nice truck.
June 7th, 2016

I want to thank you for the service… Jamie Diano was very nice, knowledgeable, and thorough. I really hope that this service works and look forward to doing business with you.

Thank You,
June 7th, 2016

Akela Pest Control did the first treatment on our home today. Jamie was our
technician-she was on time, friendly, thorough, & nice to our dogs.
Dan & Becky
June 6th, 2016

I recently switched from Terminx to Akela Pest Control and am glad that I did. I had problems with gophers and the Akela man did his magic and 2 weeks later, no gophers. I saw a few ants this weekend; called again, next day David came out and sprayed everywhere again. He also double checked the gophers. Still gone. David is personable, very courteous and efficient. I am very happy with the personnel and the service.
June 6th, 2016

I have to say that we are very impressed by your tech. Ivan Castaneda. He helps us solve any problems that we might have.
Jesse & Connie
June 5th, 2016

Dave came out today for our first initial treatment and did an amazing job. I’m very happy with the service he gave us in 106 degree temperature!!!
June 4th, 2016

I had my first treatment this morning .. Dave Gerrish was very prompt – usually between 8 and 10am means about 9:45! Dave explained everything he was going to do and got right to work out front while I went in the back to put the dogs away. He was professional and friendly … a plus to do business with people like Dave!
June 4th, 2016

Jamie was great, very informative and helpful!
May 31st, 2016

Akela’s service pro Jamie, came out and was very polite and professional. She walked us around our home showing us the various treatments she preformed and why. She also gave us suggestions on what we might do to improve pest protection at our property.
May 30th, 2016

Came out and did a great job. Was friendly to my daughter and dogs.
May 30th, 2016

Dave Gerrish did a great job for us!
May 30th, 2016

The service was great Akela came in got all the hot spots
where the pest came in and then some.
Was very satisfied with the service.
May 27th, 2016

Dave Gerrish, is one of the best he is so professional, I have no complaints thanks Dave and may God continue to Bless you.
May 27, 2016

Ivan was very courteous and did a great job. Thank you for the service.
May 27, 2016

“I couldn’t be more satisfied…”
Jamie came yesterday, and I couldn’t be more satisfied! She did a great job. I would recommend your service to everyone. Thanks again!
May 24, 2016

“He was so polite and friendly…”
I look forward to the year of service from Akela. Thank you for sending out David Gerrish. He was so polite and friendly and full of information.
May 23, 2016

The entire Akela staff is so friendly and accommodating!!! They are friendly and work hard at providing excellent customer service. Ivan, the technician, goes above and beyond every time he is is here!!! He remembers me and the needs I have at my property. He treats my home as if he was treating his own! He loves on my dog as well!! I am so pleased with the service Akela provides. I recommend them to all my friends!
Feb 27, 2016

Regular and reliable, and have successfully prevented ant and spider problems. I’ve shopped around and their prices are competitive
Dec12, 2015

Since I have been with Akela I have been very impressed with their Service professionals. They go beyond the call of duty and that’s tells me that they clearly understand Customer Service! For example, Ivan C was just at my home on the 19th and he was cleaning all of the spider weds from my front door area – I didn’t even realize that was a part of my service – as I had been meaning to do that before I received a letter from my HOA – thanks Mr. Ivan for saving me time and from receiving a letter from my HOA Board!
Nov 21, 2015

I have appreciated the service you have given. Recently we have called about some odd pest problems and without hesitation a service has been set up. Ivan was here the last time and gave us great service. Thank you.
Nov 20, 2015

I have noticed a marked improvement in and around my grounds since employing your services. Keep up the good work.
Nov 3, 2015

Ivan arrived when promised and was very thorough in explaining how and what he would treat for us. Very pleasant, friendly, and professional, he understood what we wanted to control and seems knowledgeable in how to do so. Thanks to Robert & Karen for the great referral!
Oct 30, 2015

I would like to compliment the great service that I received on Saturday from Lou. He arrived on time and was extremely helpful in addressing my concerns. Lou demonstrated a high level of customer service that should be noted as he is an excellent representative of your company.

Most notably was in his genuine compassion for wanting to help me as a customer. I can tell from the moment I met Lou that he cares for the people he serves and takes the effort needed to complete his job to the highest level possible. He is a great asset to your company.

I look forward to using your services and having Lout continue to help me and my family.

Thank you!
Oct 19, 2015

Today we had the pleasure of working with Ivan! He is a very nice young man, very professional, polite, and friendly. He made sure to ask about any problems we were seeing in and around the home. I didn’t feel like he was rushing me, I felt like he cared about our problems and wanted to give the best service! Ivan went above and beyond with he service. He sought out trouble areas and took care of them, before I could even ask him to do so. We look forward to working with him in the future!
Oct 15, 2015

Good morning, I just wanted to take a minute to express my appreciation and thanks to your organization – specifically Rickey Pegues. He was very professional and very polite and he demonstrated a lost skill in business these days – he actually listened to what my pest problem was! Overall, I have enjoyed doing business with your organization and the fact that your products are natural and safe for both my family and for my dog. Have a great day and a fantastic balance of the year!
August 31, 2015

My Tech., Ivan, very nice person, explains things to me that I need to know, he
responds to my calls in a very professional way. The office staff calls me back
that same day, which I am very pleased with. Your company, which is a company
that this community needs, versus the previous company I had. Overall, I am very
pleased with Akela Pest Control, so far, this company has proven to me that they
truly care about their customers, and very important to me is that if the situation
warrants a immediate house call, they try their very best to fulfill the request.

Sincerely, John
August 27, 2015

I had my first service with Akela scheduled, and at the last minute had to move the time back several hours. When I returned home, Ivan was patiently waiting for me. He didn’t make me feel terrible because I had to ask him to wait, nor did he rush through the service. He explained everything he was doing, answered my questions, and addressed any concerns I voiced. Awesome service from Ivan!
August 25, 2015

Dear Akela,
I was remiss in calling back as requested on day of service by Rickey—
His professionalism and expertise were indeed EXCEPTIONAL !
I would be honored, if both he and the company are open to it, to have him as our regular technician,
when it comes to the subsequent services needed at our home.
I trust his integrity, perhaps odd to say after one visit, but between my encounter with the gentleman at the door (Mr. Scott, I believe) and my interaction with Rickey, my internal trust meter is registering on HIGH for your company.
Looking forward to both continued years of service with you AND referring your company to my friends and associates.
Most sincerely yours,
August 23, 2015

We had the pleasure of working with Ricky. He was very friendly, he listened to any concerns I had, and answered all my questions. He made sure to target the main problem areas, and he was also very thorough with the rest of property. Ricky a fantastic job!
August 21, 2015

I’m very pleased with Akela Pest Control. The staff is wonderful and very helpful. I never have trouble scheduling an appointment. Our yard has improved so much. I have no spiders in the house. My yard has less spiders and cob webs, no snails and ants. I’m one happy customer!! A special thanks to Lou Pena, who does a wonderful job and takes his time.
August 19, 2015

No more ants or spiders = a Extremely happy customer!!
I have to say that I am pretty pleased with Akela because just after one treatment they managed to scare the mountain of ants and spiders that lived around our property and were coming into our house. No more waking up to a platoon of ants marching into my kitchen….LOVE IT!!
Plus their technician was super friendly and very knowledgeable. I will be recommending Akela to my friends, neighbors and strangers :
August 12, 2015

Thank you, Ivan courteously carried out his tasking to my expectations.
-July 23, 2015

Awesome!! Ivan was fantastic! He was very helpful and professional! I want him to be our permanent person please! No more ants or spiders! Yeah!!! Thanks so much! Daphne!!! 🙂
-July 17, 2015

I have had the services of Akela Pest control for over a year now. I had been with Orkin for 7 years prior. I am very pleased with Akela’s service. I have no bug problems and the price is better than Orkin. I would definitely recommend Akela and I have!
-June 19, 2015

Signed up on Saturday for the service. Very happy to say Lou our tech was very polite, called me before he came out, and did a very thorough job. I am very pleased. And thus far I would recommend Akela to my family and friends.

John Reynen
-June 1, 2015


Cheryl Facebook TWe all agree, Cheryl provides superior customer service! Here is a recent note from another impressed customer:

Hello Cheryl,

Thank you so much for your help. You are so wonderful and helpful over the phone and I can honestly say YOU are the reason why I chose your company and purchased the Groupon deal. Feel free to let your boss know about your great job!

Enclosed please find my Groupon Voucher. Please let me know if you need anything else. I already referred you to a girlfriend of mine so hopefully she will use you guys too.

Have a nice day. Thanks again for all your help and advice.

Sincerely and Regards, Mina

(photo Cheryl – Akela Pest Control)

– May 11th, 2015, Post Mina – Fontana

I‘m pleased to say that Lou Peña is a great tech he has been the best since we’ve been with Akela, he knows what he’s doing and also cares for his clients. I highly recommend Lou and I definitely always want him to take care of our home.

Thanks Lou for your great work!

Salinas Family
– March 28, 2015

You guys are awesome. Thanks for getting rid of all the bugs!
– March 24, 2015

We are happy to report that Dian Montgomery, an Akela customer, recently called in with praise for Lou Pena, one of Akela’s service pros. She explained that she receives great service from Lou. He takes his time to answer questions, is very helpful, and friendly. Thanks Dian for calling in with this good news!
– October 8, Dian Montgomery

Recently our church switched our service to Akela. We were able to save money over the cost of the old company PLUS we increased the amount of service we receive. Our technician Art has done a great job with controlling all the usual pests, but he is an absolute GENIUS with getting rid of gophers. Even with construction all around us, he was able to send them packing. Thanks Art and Akela for the great service, we appreciate it.
– June 25, Pathway Christian Church

I had the number one pest control service for thirty years and watched them deteriorate in the area of customer service over that time. I also had a company that took care of gophers and moles that did a good job. Art approached me and asked me if I would be interested in going with a new company that would take care of all my insect problems as well as the rodent problems for less than I was paying the other two companies. It was a tough decision because thirty years was a long time, but I made the switch to Akela and I’m glad I did. Having Art as my technician has been a great experience. His expertise is important, but his caring attitude sets him apart from others. If you want to go back in time to a point where hands on customer service was the norm and the reason that businesses flourished, then you might want to give Akela a chance to service your home.
– June16, 2014, Steve Roe

THANK YOU, is the first thing that comes to mind. I’ve had 2 prior pest control services, but wasn’t satisfied with the service I was getting. Your knowledgeable sales staff and courteous service pro exceeded our expectations. We look forward to a long relationship, bug free!!
– May 16, 2014, Brandy Williams

I can’t say enough good things about Akela Pest Control as they were very quick to respond to our needs. If you are from Corona, Riverside area and you would like a fast reliable company to get rid of any pests then this is the company for you! Fantastic and highly professional service that left me with total peace of mind.
– May 8, 2014, Angie G

So far I’ve enjoyed my experience with the staff I’ve spoken with, they’ve were friendly and knowledgeable with what they were talking about. I look forward to seeing what service you guys can provide 🙂
– May 7, 2014, Rachel Shelton

Today I had an appointment with Lou, a very knowledgeable technician from Akela. I was very impressed by his customer service skills as he took the time to explain everything he was doing and provided me the benefits of service. He also let me know how the product worked to keep bugs/insects from coming back. He was extremely friendly to talk to, he was very familiar with the service and he took the time to ensure that I was 100% satisfied with the service. I appreciate the interpersonal skills he exhibited while performing services at my home and I will continue to use Akela in the future. Thank you so much Lou, you are truly an asset to Akela
– May 6, 2014, Annette C

Great service. Completely eradicated my spider problem. Our technician Lou Pena is top notch.
–  May 2, 2014, Joshua Quinones

Thank you Akela (especially Art) for getting rid of my gopher problem.
– April 29, 2014, Ivan Ceja

Lou and Akela Pest Control, Inc. have been great to work with. They contact you before their home visit, they advise what they are going to do during their visit. Great customer service and true professionals.
– April 14, 2014, Keith Leon Acord

Art was very kind with addressing my questions regarding my gopher issues. He was prompt in responding to my calls. Having a person like Art I can tell Akela is a quality company servicing the needs of their customers to full satisfaction. Thank you.
– April 11, 2014, Teresa Rogers

I am a new customer. I have a great technician named Art. He is very kind. He gave me lots of information. He was very patient with my barking dogs. I was very concerned because some black widow spiders were invading the area where my grandson, Korbyn, plays when he comes to Nana’s. Art took time to explain how the service would take care of that problem and many others. Again, thanks to Aklea for having Art as a superman.
– April 11, 2014, Sue Moreland

With service pro’s like Lou Pena, how can you go wrong with hiring Akela for your pest control needs. Lou’s attention to detail & polite manner won my business immediately. In these days customer service seems to be a thing of the past. I would venture to say not while Lou is on the job. Thank you Akela for having quality people, like Lou Pena, in your organization offering a quality service for pest control.
– April 6, 2014 Omar Vazquez

We hired Akela Pest Control to tackle our “out of control” gopher problem that was destroying our beautiful new home front lawn. The situation is now UNDER CONTROL and we can mend our damaged lawn! THANK YOU AKELA!
– April 4, 2014, Leonard Niedbalski & John Petersen, Riverside

Friendly service, helpful staff. My service tech is wonderful. Highly recommend them!
– October 28, 2013, Michele Riverside

We think Akela Pest Control is the greatest! Our problems are solved and we highly recommend them. Couldn’t be happier…
– October 15, 2013, Michele M

We were plagued by ants coming into the kitchen for months but after one service from Akela the problem was gone. Their technician was very knowledgeable and committed to providing us with the best solutions. He was very helpful and coached us on what actions to take to help make the service as effective as possible. Life is better now!
– September 30, 2013, Kent Riverside California