akela-house-magnifiedInitial Service

The first visit is an extensive service, which includes a thorough inspection of your property by our service professional. The service pro will identify and treat according to the pest threats around the home. Make note that the first service could include treatment on the inside of your home for specific invaders. On the first service we can only get about 70-80% of the adult pests around the property and no product can penetrate the eggs of the unborn pests. Please be aware that after the initial treatment it may cause an increase of pest activity for 1-2 weeks as they find a new place to nest. So it is vital that Akela comes back for the follow up services.

akela-manQuarterly Maintenance

Following your initial service, Akela will be back one month later for your first quarterly service. This is to help break up the pest egg cycles, eliminate any new hatchlings before they reproduce, and to get the twenty to thirty percent of the adult pests that survived the first service. To ensure that these pests do not disturb the home, Akela will continue to service the home once every three months. At Akela we want our customers to be satisfied with their choice, so if you need any help in between the services we will come free of charge.